Free Pascal 2.4.2 released!

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Free Pascal 2.4.2 released!

Postby pascal » 14 Nov 2010, 17:05

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FPC 2.4.2 telah di-release.

Downloads are available at:
the main FTP server at

and mirrors like
and sourceforge.

atau ke

What's New in 2.4.2
Free Pascal 2.4.2 contains many fixes and a few new features. Most bugfixes in the RTL and packages before june 2010 have been merged. Please also see for a list of changes which may affect the behaviour of previously working code, and how to cope with these changes.

Some highlights are:

* Support D2006+ FOR..IN, with some FPC specific enhancements. Refer to for more information
* Support for sealed and abstract classes.

* Many improvements to the XML units
* Many improvements to the database units
* Many improvemnets to the chm units

* Long term bug in OS/2 implementation of unit Video finally fixed which
among others allows inclusion of the text-mode IDE (without debugger)
for this platform as part of the distribution again.

See for the list of reported bugs which have been fixed in this release.

Best Regards.
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